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Managers Prepare for Hate Speech in the Workplace


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/27/2018 --There are only two ways to respond to hate speech in the workplace, according to Dr. Dennis Becker, Senior Coaching Partner at the Framingham, Massachusetts-based Speech Improvement Company. You can ignore it or engage it. Both responses require self awareness and professionalism.

Dr. Becker penned a paper titled "Hate Speech in the Workplace: How Managers Can Recognize and Address Troublesome Situations." He provides specific techniques that will help prepare managers at all levels to address harmful, but legal, hate speech in a planned, proper, and effective manner.

He asks, "What would you do if one of your employees complained that s/he heard hateful talk in the workplace, or saw hateful material posted in the break room, or worse? Would you be able to respond effectively if you heard such comments?"

In the heat of the moment, business managers and leaders may not know the best way to respond. Their instincts may be overruled by passion, and that can take them in the wrong direction.

Dr. Becker presents a specific blueprint for those who play a managerial role in organizations. "It's critical that managers and leaders have this information before they need it," he asserts. "Once you have a problem with hate speech in the workplace, it's too late to formulate a strategy for effectively dealing with it." Because of the paper's importance, Dr. Becker has made it available as a free download at the Speech Improvement Company's web site:

"There will be a range of political positions in the workplace. As a manager, you need to understand and respect this diversity of opinion, even when it goes against the grain of your own set of values, beliefs, and attitudes," Dr. Becker continues.

Discussion, according to Dr. Becker, can be a good thing. However, in some cases, heated disputes can escalate into conflicts that require your intervention.

"It's important to be tolerant," Dr. Becker concludes. "But, as a manager, you need to act when comments in the workplace are hurtful to others, violate company policy, or might have crossed the line into legally defined harassment. How you manage these situations can have an enormous impact on your employees' well-being and company productivity. Beyond that, your words and actions will shape people's perception of you, your organization, and your company. Being prepared will ensure an effective and proper response."

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