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Calls for Additional Trains Highlights Poor Public Transport to Manchester Airport

Recent announcements regarding additional travel links to Manchester Airport signifies the current lacklustre offering.


Manchester, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2013 --The UK government recently announced plans for additional super-speed trains to connect the North of the country to the South to open in 2032. Two of the country’s most prominent cities London and Manchester are due to benefit greatly from the high-quality services. In particular, Manchester Airport will be seeing an influx of additional trains stopping at its station. The impetus and placed upon access to the airport signifies the importance of improving its transport links.

Manchester Airport is the third busiest in the UK and the most visited outside of the capital with nearly 20 million passengers travelling through its terminals in 2012 alone. With car parking around the airport at a premium; many people find it incredibly costly. This increases the need for improved public transport links and alternatives servicing the airport.

One of the most successful alternatives that are currently being offered is a service by Airport Parking Manchester. The company owns a secure and CCTV-monitored parking lot near to the Airport. Those looking for Manchester Airport Car Parking solutions will benefit from their unique Meet and Greet Parking service. After booking a space, the passenger simply needs to contact the company 30 minutes before arriving at the airport and one of their insured drivers will be waiting at the terminal building. The driver will then whisk the car to the secure car park. The process is simply repeated upon return.

There are additional calls for the number of trains operating to Manchester Airport to increase. The economic development manager for Hull and Humber, Mark Jones revealed that he believed improved transport links between his city and Manchester Airport was necessary.

“As a city-region, we are the largest population in the North without any direct services into the airport.”

After meeting with management at Manchester Airport, Jones revealed his plans were met with receptive ears: “At the meeting, we did stress Manchester was the international airport of the North and how imperative direct connections were for the Hull and Humber region for businesses seeking to invest here.”

With widespread works going on throughout the country to improve rail links, it seems that the transport industry is going in the right direction. However with the super-speed links not due to open until 2032, it may be a while until the country is at the level its’ public is vying for. Until then, alternatives such as Airport Parking Manchester will be taken advantage of.

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