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Mango Animate Brings Advertising to Life with 2D Character Free Download

Users now can have access to Mango Animate CM for 2D character free download. It will help their ads create more connections with their audience.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2021 --Characters are the backbone of any story. No matter how good a plot is, if there's no one for it to happen to, it makes no sense. The same is true of advertising. Target audiences react better to ads when they can identify with someone in them. Whether they feel sympathy or envy for the characters, the aim is for viewers to feel. That way a connection is established. Animated characters are even better for creating connections. Because of their amusing nature, audiences are more likely to react to them. Advertisers can now enhance their ads with 2D character free download from Mango Animate.

The Mango Animate Character Maker (Mango Animate CM) gives advertisers access to captivating characters without high costs. With 2D character free download, anyone can have high-quality characters for their projects. Creating the characters is simple. The Mango Animate CM has a user-friendly drag and drop interface and a powerful timeline for efficient editing of characters. Users can create engaging characters in a snap.

Advertisers can customize their characters to suit their business's needs. Mango Animate CM features a nifty character editor. Users can choose the desired hair, facial features, and skin color for their characters. A wide-ranging accessory library lets them swap outfits and accessories for the ideal look. The 2D character free download will suit its purpose perfectly.

Animation is proven to increase audience engagement and conversion rates. With a massive motion library, Mango Animate CM ensures that the 2D character free download will maximize audience engagement. Users can choose from various facial expressions and body movements. Add a touch of humor or convey seriousness as appropriate. Create a lasting impression on the audience's minds.

Advertisers can use their 2D character free download for any purpose. Finished characters can be downloaded in MP4, PNG, MOV, and animated GIF formats. They're then ready to be used for animated ads or shared on any platform. Of note, they can be imported into the Mango Animate Animation Maker and saved as part of the custom character library.

"Our newest software is quite convenient," says Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate. "The 2D character free download makes life easier for all our customers."

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