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Mango Animate Brings out a 2D Character Animation Software Program

Mango Animate Character Maker(Mango Animate CM) is a 2D animated character design software program that builds unique human and animal cartoon characters.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2021 --Mango Animate CM is a free character creator that will leave animation enthusiasts spellbound with its simple and entertaining processes. This animation software makes it possible for anyone to turn any picture into an animated character. In addition, this 2D character animation software allows users to add audio and video to the projects to complement the character movements to deliver an exceptionally engaging experience to viewers.

The 2D character animation software is created to make life easier for animators. It has a user-friendly interface and comprises a big motion library to animate the characters. In addition, the simple drag-and-drop system allows users to change the facial expressions and body gestures of the characters in real-time.

"From its impressive process to the quality of the end product, Mango Animate CM has garnered quite an impressive reputation. This software is used by both professionals and amateurs alike, making it one of the most widely used animation software worldwide. What sets this software apart from other of its kind is that it can be downloaded for free and yet still offers excellent features," says Winston Zhang, the CEO of Mango Animate.

Users can easily transform a static PNG or PSD image into an amazing animated character in no time. The best part is that users don't need to be a pro at this to utilize it. All it requires is to add images rig using the bone tool, leverage the custom motion to breathe life into them, preview to double-check, and this efficient 2D character animation software will export in the desired format.

The 2D character animation software includes many cartoon character templates and a massive accessory library that is royalty-free. In addition, the embedded character editor comes in handy all the time, through which creators can edit each physical feature of the character. From eyes to skin color and body parts, everything can be modified using the tool.

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