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Mango Animate Builds a Free Whiteboard Animation Maker for Company Meetings

Mango Animate WM will provide companies with powerful software to create fun and informative whiteboard animation videos for online conferences.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2020 --Company meetings are often a necessity for running a successful business. Unfortunately, they're usually tedious and result in attendees' attention straying from the presentations. A free whiteboard animation maker developed by Mango Animate is a savvy option for reducing apathy and increasing engagement in company meetings.

"We use our software within our company," states Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. He continues, "I've found that animated whiteboard videos keep my colleagues more interested during our meetings. It's something other companies should try as well."

A physical whiteboard is a staple in many conference rooms. It's useful for presenting ideas quickly in a relatively small space. The free whiteboard animation maker from Mango Animate takes the traditional whiteboard to a whole new level. With tens of different hand types in various sizes performing multiple gestures, presentations can be more creative and attractive to meeting attendees.

This free whiteboard animation maker proves to be very handy for virtual meetings as well. Instead of an uninspiring slideshow, presenters can introduce ideas with the use of the over twenty 3D characters available in the free whiteboard animation maker. They can be enhanced with icons, shapes, and images from the expansive media library. Attendees will be more engaged and are more likely to recall what was discussed during meetings.

A single person speaking for the duration of a meeting can become monotonous. The free whiteboard animation maker from Mango Animate features a powerful voiceover tool that allows for easy recording and editing of voices to produce different effects. Users can give the appearance of different speakers for different segments of a meeting, just by editing a single voice in different ways. There's also a text-to-speech converter, background music, and other sound effects that will give videos a professional soundtrack.

Mango Animate's free whiteboard animation maker will bring dull meetings to life. Animation is a powerful tool for making any topic interesting. Hundreds of spectacular animation effects will remove any hint of boredom from any meeting. Captivating transition effects let presenters move from point to point in a way that keeps other attendees wondering what's next. They won't be able to take their eyes off of the whiteboard until the presentation is over.

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