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Mango Animate CM Moves Graphic Characters Easily

With experienced developers and designers, Mango Animate always provides some unique products in the market which are loved by many content creators. Recently Mango Animate has launched a free animation software program which makes the process of creating graphic characters a breeze.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2021 --Mango Animate Character Maker(Mango Animate CM) is designed for users from all walks of life to easily create stunning graphic characters in a fraction of a moment with themes like medicine, business, education. Those characters are unique and designed by an experienced team while always keeping the audience in mind.

Mango Animate CM provides a gigantic motion library with ready-made motions for graphic characters. Unlike other software, Mango Animate CM enables users to customize graphic characters with a simple click. Users are able to select from a wide range of accessories, outfits, facial expressions, and decorations. They can also access a powerful accessory library to customize clothing, glasses, hats, shoes. If users feel like missing something, this software also supports them to add their items to make the graphic character special.

Mango Animate CM is providing some flagship features like intuitive IK control. With that, creators have all abilities to control the movement and pose of their graphic characters and there is also a character editor tool to customize the skin color, eyes, mouth, and other body parts of the graphic character according to users' needs. Even some people who don't have experience in making animations can create natural and personalized graphic characters in minutes.

Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate says, "Simple and user-friendly interface is one of the reasons behind the success of our products." There is also an option to add music and video files to make animation videos more lively and realistic. If users want to edit their own images which are saved in PNG or PSD format instead of using the pre-made character, they can import the images into this software which helps turn the static images into animated graphic characters. Also, users can publish their artwork in any format like MP4, MOV, PNG, and GIF.

For more information about Mango Animate's graphic character maker, please visit Mango Animate.

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