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Mango Animate CM Supports Custom 2D Cartoon Character Creation

Mango Animate Character Animation Maker allows anyone to turn their vision into a personalized 2D cartoon character.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2020 --Mango Animate has recently developed its Character Animation Maker, known as Mango Animate CM, giving users every tool they need to create a custom 2D cartoon character. An animated character is an effective method to promote storytelling, advertising, education, and more. It has been proven to drive engagement and increase awareness. By allowing users to upload their own PNG or PSD images or make complete changes to pre-made characters, total customization is right at their fingertips.

People may be apprehensive about creating animations because they fear the process will be time consuming or tedious. Mango Animate tackles this problem by offering a powerful software program with templates, professional resources, and pre-made motions. All users need to get started is a vision, and with Mango Animate CM, anyone can build a 2D cartoon character tailored to their specific needs in just minutes.

Users can upload their own images to Mango Animate CM, bringing themselves, their friends, their family, or even a celebrity to life on screen. By quickly adding bones and nodes to their images, users can put their characters into action. For further customization, users can also upload their own audio files. Mango Animate's collection of facial expressions can be applied to any character to sync with the chosen audio. By combining a 2D cartoon character with a real voice, the animation will become much more realistic and deliver a clear and convincing message that audiences will remember.

Even if users choose not to import their own images, they can build realistic characters directly with Mango Animate CM's massive library of pre-designed characters. Once a template character is chosen, users can choose outfits, expressions, accessories, hairstyles and colors, skin colors, eyes, eyebrows, and mouths. The infinite creation options allow users to create a unique 2D cartoon character to drive clicks and conversions in just a few simple steps.

"No matter what story you are trying to tell," says Mango Animate chief designer Selena Lee, "our software allows you to create the 2D cartoon character you envision. The options are endless, so you can get as specific as you want with character design."

For further personalization, Mango CM introduces a state-of-the-art intuitive Ik (Inverse Kinematic) feature designed to modify character posing and movement. This feature allows for more logical, natural actions that will resonate strongly with their audiences.

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