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Mango Animate Free Doodle Video Maker Creates Eye-Catching Doodle Videos

Software company Mango Animate develops a free doodle video maker that simplifies the process of creating eye-catching doodle videos.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/08/2021 --A great doodle video should quickly catch the attention of the intended audience and hook them for the duration of the video. One may think the nature of a doodle video will automatically guarantee this result. But unless a doodle video is done right, it has the potential to fall flat and fail to achieve its purpose. The Mango Animate's free doodle video maker is the perfect tool to make sure a doodle video catches the eyes of viewers and keeps them engaged.

The free doodle video maker features a user-friendly editor that makes creating quality doodle videos fast and simple. Users can easily add all types of media to their videos from the wide selection available in the software. The editor allows them to crop, flip, or rotate the images as well as change the colors. They can also import custom images from their computers.

An easy-to-use drag and drop interface along with a powerful timeline makes it even easier to create winning doodle videos. Users just need to select the component they want to use, drag it, and drop it onto the timeline. The timeline lets them add, rearrange, and remove different elements as needed. From characters to images, to audio files, and animations, they can all be manipulated on the timeline.

The versatile hands in this free doodle video maker will draw anything with ease. Users can select the hand they want to use, insert their preferred images, characters and text, and the free doodle video maker will do the rest. The audience will be captivated as they watch the doodles appear before their eyes. Attractive entrance, emphasis, and exit effects will make the video even more fascinating.

Adding a voice to a doodle video instantly creates a stronger connection with the audience. With the handy record button included in the free doodle video maker, voiceovers are a breeze. A single click records the user's voice. The audio editor perfects the voiceover with only a few clicks.

Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate states "Our users are often busy people. We're giving them a way to create powerful doodle videos without taking up a lot of their time."

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