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Mango Animate Glassboard Software Makes Presentation Enticing

Glassboard software needs to be easy to use and versatile when making different videos for varied subjects. Mango Animate WM distinguishes itself from other software with editable templates and diverse hand types and gestures.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2021 --Glassboard animation videos are great for attracting and keeping viewers' attention. A type of whiteboard video, this style replaces the traditional whiteboard with a glassboard. This type of video is ideal for explaining technical ideas and complex concepts in general. It may be how the ideas appear as viewers watch, or it could be the animation. Either way, it's an effective way to convey just about any message. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) is the perfect glassboard software.

This glassboard software has all the necessary tools for presenting the essential elements of a glassboard video – the problem, solution, and call to action. There are a variety of templates available to choose from. They're helpfully arranged into categories so users can browse through and select one that best suits their needs. All templates can be customized to reflect the user's tastes and represent their image.

There are many pens and hands in the glassboard software. There's no shortage of tools to write or draw the message on the glassboard. What's more, users can upload custom hands and images of any item they'd like to use as the drawing hand. This gives them the freedom to be creative and connect the glassboard video with the content they're presenting.

All elements of the video can be customized with the glassboard software from Mango Animate. Users can choose media from the large collection provided or import their own. They can add text to further explain any charts or images they use. Or they can let the dynamic characters act out the message in an entertaining way. There is a handy image editor included that lets users change colors, flip, rotate, or crop their images among other effects right in the glassboard software.

Users can easily add their voice to their glassboard videos to create a stronger connection with their audience. The convenient record button in the glassboard software makes this possible with a click. They can also upload audio files and edit everything with the powerful audio editor. Then add captions to make everything clearer.

According to Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate, "This glassboard software has come to make video creation a snap for users everywhere."

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