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Mango Animate Hand Drawn Animation Software Helps Sustain Student Engagement

Mango Animate’s hand drawn animation software helps break down concepts for remote learning students in an easy visual format and keeps students engaged.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2021 --Remote teaching has become the new normal worldwide, and technological integration for teaching efficiency has never been more important. New tools are showing up on the daily to aid with telecommunications, but the actual quality of classroom learning is often falling behind due to the lack of student engagement. Mango Animate provides a solution for increasing student engagement and visual explanation of difficult concepts through their easy-to-use hand drawn animation software.

This hand drawn animation software has a very user-friendly interface that educators can learn in minutes. It offers options for developing doodle videos, hand-drawn animations, whiteboard explainer videos, and more. For teachers, it is as easy as transforming a lesson plan into a video script, downloading the software, choosing among the ample selection of pre-built templates provided, customizing it to their liking with royalty-free vector images, characters, text, audio, and more, adding a hand animation effect to add a haptic touch to the video to engage students and exporting it. It is the perfect tool to capture the essence of a difficult topic and optimize student engagement through dynamic animations.

Student learning has suffered greatly due to the loss of classroom learning through the pandemic. Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate, believes that using a hand drawn animation software can help educators maintain student engagement during long video calls. "Mango Animate is great for both workplace and school use. The characters are all brightly colored and animated, and taking the time to make a short video that explains a concept can actually save educators a lot of time. It also provides students with a short break from listening to slide presentations and instead consume the educational content in a more lively manner, which will help them digest the information better."

Mango Animate's hand drawn animation software prioritizes ease of use, which is ideal for busy educators who have enough on their plates with lesson planning. Their hand drawn animation software is here to alleviate some of the stresses that come with maintaining student engagement and breaking down complex subjects for young learners.

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