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Mango Animate Has Cartoon Drawing Software for Any Purpose

Mango Animate Whiteboard Maker (Mango Animate WM) creates videos fast, with no technical expertise needed.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2021 --Cartoons aren't just for children. Nor are they just for entertainment. A cartoon video can be a potent advertising tool. It's also great for making classroom presentations more engaging. In fact, cartoon videos can be used to get just about any message across effectively. Making a cartoon video doesn't have to be difficult. Mango Animate has cartoon drawing software that gives amateurs and professionals alike the ability to craft captivating videos for any audience.

"Cartoons are fun," says Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate. "And our cartoon drawing software is fun to use."

There are a host of free resources and tools built into the Mango Animate cartoon drawing software. For starters, it has a user-friendly drag and drop interface and powerful timeline that make editing super easy. Users can select any element they want in their videos and drop it onto the timeline with a click. Rearranging or removing sections is just as simple.

Thousands of royalty-free vector images and other media are also available in the cartoon drawing software. Users can find something to represent any concept. The image editor lets them change colors, crop, flip, and rotate images right in the software. Plus, users can import their preferred images. Dozens of effects can be applied to make the videos more interesting.

Cartoons are their characters. This cartoon drawing software features over twenty characters that will act out any cartoon script to perfection. The characters can be given different occupations, emotions, and facial expressions to make them even more lifelike and amusing. Audiences will be left spellbound by the finished videos.

The power of any whiteboard video lies in the drawing of a message on a whiteboard. Mango Animate's cartoon drawing software comes with various hands and pens. Hands are available in male and female, differing sizes, and colors. Users have the option to import images of any object and use them as the drawing tool. Hundreds of animation effects bring videos to life and add a touch of fun. Finished videos can be exported in several formats including MP4, MOV, and GIF.

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