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Mango Animate Has the Best Doodle Video Software for Telling Stories

Mango Animate gives users the best doodle video software to express themselves when telling their stories to the audience.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2020 --Everyone has a story. Whether it's a marketer who's trying to convince consumers to purchase his products or an educator who needs to explain complex educational content or just someone who wants to make a children's story more interesting. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) is the best doodle video software for telling any story.

A whiteboard animation video holds infinite appeal. The wide variety of hands and pen types offered in the Mango Animate WM helps to make it the best doodle video software. Available in male and female genders and various sizes, they perform numerous motions that will draw any story from start to finish in a truly enchanting way. In addition, users can import images of any object and use them as the drawing implement.

Characters are the focus of a good story. All the action surrounds them. The best doodle video software features more than twenty lifelike characters that will act out any script or story realistically. With roles from many different industries, users will be able to find characters to portray any marketing plan or educational concept.

Adding the voice behind a brand is a surefire way to strengthen the connection with an intended audience. Similarly, students are more likely to remain engaged when they can hear their teacher's voice during virtual classes. With this best doodle video software it's super easy to add voices to animated whiteboard videos using the handy record button. A simple click is all that's needed to add voices. Users can also upload audio files and use the powerful audio editor to create the perfect soundtrack.

Fascinating animation and transition effects are part of why Mango Animate WM is the best doodle video software. Videos come to life with hundreds of animations preloaded in the software. Plus users can import custom animations. The hand-drawing effect can be applied to any image and it will be drawn as the video progresses.

According to Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate, "The most outstanding feature of the Mango Animate WM is ultimate customization. Almost every element of a whiteboard video can be customized to fit the animator's tastes."

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