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Mango Animate Introduces Innovative Picture to Cartoon Software

With advanced technology and a seamless interface, Mango Animate’s picture to cartoon software is transforming how businesses market their products.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2021 --Mango Animate's newly launched picture to cartoon software, Mango Animate Character Maker, allows users to animate their PNG and PSD images to yield a superior-quality animation. By offering a drag-and-drop feature, adding bones and poses to bring the image to life can be done by anyone in just minutes. Mango Animate Character Maker is perfect for business owners and creatives who want to build high-quality animations but don't want to spend the money to hire someone.

Anyone can create a cartoon character from a photo, even those with no animation or technical background. With this picture to cartoon software, users save valuable time that can be spent taking care of other important business matters. Mango Animate Character Maker offers a massive selection of attractive character templates with prebuilt bone structures, cutting the time spent creating in half. All character features are fully customizable, giving users total flexibility down to every detail. Mango Animate even provides plenty of online tutorials, so users feel confident every step of the way.

Mango Animate Character Maker allows users to breathe life into their characters by giving them access to a powerful motion library. Again, these ready-to-use motions can be quickly dragged and dropped into a project for a swift creative process. Users can easily apply facial expressions and body movements to align their projects with their professional goals. Plus, this picture to cartoon software allows users to edit multiple characters simultaneously, maximizing the users' time and resources.

"We realize that our users are very busy people, which is why we want to ensure everyone has an inviting and smooth experience with our software," says Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. "Our picture to cartoon software has been designed to make your life simpler."

After a cartoon character is completed, users can apply it to various projects. Characters are compatible with Mango Animate Animation Maker. With one click, users can download their creations in multiple formats and save them for use in motion graphics, animated video, video games, film, and much more. The picture to cartoon software even makes it easy to share creations on numerous social media.

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