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Mango Animate Introduces Quick and Easy Text to Video Converter

The software company Mango Animate is planning to roll out a text to video converter, after the success of its previous three animation software.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2021 --Many people are seeking alternatives to the uninspiring text content they currently offer their audiences. They realize that text is much less engaging and does not produce satisfactory results. Videos are far more interesting; they grab and hold people's attention. But a lot of time and effort was put into creating the text content. There must be a way it can be utilized. Mango Animate comes to the rescue with its nifty text to video converter. It quickly turns static text into entertaining text videos – all with very little effort.

Mango Animate Text Video Maker (Mango Animate TM) is the best way to change any type of text from a format that's no longer relevant to a vibrant and eye-catching video. The text to video converter comes with numerous text video templates for fast video production. There's no need to duplicate the time that was spent creating the written content; users just need to input their text and the software will turn it into a superb text video.

With this text to video converter, users will be able to up the ante on their messages. They can grab the attention of casual scrollers with captivating typography animation. There is a wide variety of effects that can be applied to the text such as typewriter, sliding in, or bouncing. Added to that is an ever-expanding icon library. The text to video converter will automatically match text with ideal, royalty-free icons to create a stunning video. Before viewers know it, they will be fully immersed in the video and the message will be cemented in their minds.

Users will also be able to ensure the connection with their audience is natural. With the leading text-to-speech (TTS) technology, the text to video converter lets users convert their text to realistic speech. It features several languages and an array of authentic voices so users can choose the best one to match their audience.

"Time is money," says Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. "We at Mango Animate understand that our customers need a fast yet efficient way to reach their audiences. This text to video converter provides that."

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