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Mango Animate Launches a Video Maker for Making Healthcare Animation Videos

The video maker can help healthcare institutions to communicate complex health topics to patients and society.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2020 --Mango Animate is redefining the way people create animated videos by rolling out their latest video maker for creating animation videos for medical and healthcare. The company understands how challenging it sometimes is to communicate complex health topics and other healthcare issues. Animated videos can help healthcare institutions to train their staff on how to effectively explain new products to patients using animations or demonstrate new practices. Pharmaceuticals can also use videos to convey information to patients.

Healthcare facilities have plenty of ways of using the video maker from Mango Animate. They can design patient-focused animated videos to educate patients or create awareness about certain diseases. They can use them to demonstrate how medicines function at the molecular levels or communicate to physicians, patients, and nurses on how illnesses can be prevented, treated, or managed. Even patients will understand their conditions in detail when they watch animated characters and the videos' roles. And when they do, it will make it easy for them to work with their doctors to ensure their treatment process is comfortable to the end.

"Our video maker is versatile and flexible, and can empower hospitals to create disease awareness through animated videos with stunning animations and other media assets," said Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate. "We are providing them with a cost-effective way of reaching out to many people with their health messages. Even when they need to train their staff, our video maker will enable them to do so efficiently through detailed animated videos."

Mango Animate has designed its video maker with powerful tools and functionalities that help users embellish their animated videos and highlight important points. For instance, if they want medical practitioners to learn how devices or products work, healthcare facilities will create custom explainer videos with animated characters, different scene transitions and include voice narrations and subtitles as they explain the different parts of the devices, their functions and how they'll impact patient outcomes.

Healthcare animation videos in hospitals' waiting rooms can be informational to people waiting to be attended to. The management can take advantage of the time people spent in the waiting room to present them with health tips, educate them on how to keep fit, live healthy lifestyles, and respond to various conditions or illnesses. The video maker from Mango Animate is an excellent tool that they can use to demonstrate the various ways they can minimize disease risks.

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