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Mango Animate Launches an Avatar Video Maker for Lively Animations

Mango Animate has launched an avatar video maker that comes with excellent features and accessories such as motions, outfits, and expressions for creating lively avatar videos.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2021 --Mango Animate has launched an avatar video maker that empowers users to hone their creativity when designing avatar videos. The avatar video maker comes with professionally crafted templates to make the avatar video creation process easy for everyone. In just three steps, users will have designed stunning avatar videos and exported them to various digital networks for sharing with their audiences. The drag and drop tool aids in making the avatars live with the right features, expressions, and motions.

The avatar video maker comes with plenty of decoration elements to make every avatar unique. Whether the avatar videos are for education, entertainment, or business, users can change or modify their avatars' features, outfits, and accessories to suit the desired purpose. To customize their projects, users are allowed to import custom assets that will make their projects memorable. Mango Animate understands that every user has different objectives for creating their projects. So it enables them the flexibility to tailor their projects to their goals and purposes.

"Our avatar video maker helps to speed up the creation of avatar videos. We have developed a variety of pre-set avatars which can be used to create stunning customized projects that audiences will love," said Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate. "The fashion accessories are included to allow users to modify their avatars and make them unique. They can also change their outfits, facial expressions, and hair to suit their needs. To increase their customization, we allow users to import their resources and use them in their avatar videos."

Mango Animate knows that using avatars in videos helps to communicate better with audiences. The videos can make a great first impression and help them win over new followers while retaining loyal ones. The avatar video maker has features that make the avatars talk and move. Users can add audio files to make the videos more vivid, lively, and engaging. When users eventually share them with viewers, they'll be able to understand the messages conveyed clearly while having fun with the characters.

Mango Animate's avatar video maker is built with pre-made bone structures that enhance the movement of the avatar's bone structure. Once users have static characters, they can add bones to help control their movements. They can choose from the various bone structures and directly move the bone nodes to make them move. While animating their avatars, users can customize the bone's position and ultimately change the avatar's motion as desired.

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