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Mango Animate Launches Its 3D Character Software That Helps Generate Viewer Interest

With fascinating 3D character animations, users are bound to generate more interest from their audiences.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2021 --Mango Animate has recently launched 3D character software to be used by various industries, including education, engineering, medical, entertainment, and business, among others. Whether it is for students, consumers, or employees, 3D characters are used to capture the audience's attention. Now users have resources to design animations that appeal to viewers as they capture their interest in the videos created. Using 3D characters in video presentations helps to promote audience participation as they go with the flow.

The 3D character software is ideal for educators who are looking to illustrate important points to the class. Topics involving graphs can be challenging to explain with mere diagrams and word of mouth. Most likely, the students will not be riveted. But with 3D characters, they'll be enthusiastic about watching the videos to the end. This is because 3D character videos are fun to watch and will remain in the students' memory, especially when learning a new concept, topic, or idea.

"Our 3D character software cuts across all industries," said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. "Like in education, for instance, there's no subject tutors can't teach using 3D character videos. What better way to build student interest than by using character videos they will enjoy? We developed this software to enable our clients to reach out to their audiences in a way they couldn't resist."

Mango Animate's 3D character software helps teachers explain scientific processes in a very comprehensive and entertaining way. As the topics get tougher, most tutors find it hard to capture the students' attention. Some chapters are often too complex to grasp and may need some teaching aids like character animations. With the 3D character software, it will be easy for them to introduce new concepts through animated videos. For example, if they are introducing a topic like the circulatory system, a 3D animation of the human circulatory system will explain better than a diagram. Students will visualize the human body on the inside and how it functions.

With the aid of the 3D character software, educators will manage to help learners develop an interest in many subjects they've ignored before. Three-dimensional videos have a way of presenting complicated concepts in simple ways that ignite interest in the viewer. Like when introducing quantum physics to senior students, it can be tough to make them understand the subject. But a 3D character animation will present it in a way that will not only help them understand but will enjoy it as well.

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