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Mango Animate Lowers Animation Costs with Free Animation Maker Software

Mango Animate is an expert in developing great but free animation maker software as their mission is to empower everyone with accessible tools to express themselves in the form of animation.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2020 --As animation becomes a preferred way to create more engaging content for business, educational, and personal use, the costs of obtaining professional animation services are increasing. There's always the option of using animation software to create videos but many of them are also expensive and difficult to use. Mango Animate has developed the Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM), free animation maker software that's super easy to use and suitable for amateurs as well as professionals.

This free animation maker software comes loaded with professionally designed templates that take the guesswork out of creating amazing animated videos. Customizing the templates to fit one's specific needs is a breeze. The convenient multi-track timeline lets users drag and drop all the elements of their video on the timeline where they have complete control over the editing process from start to finish.

Users can choose from thousands of multimedia elements in the free animation maker software to enhance their videos. Select different backgrounds, SVG images, symbols, shapes, and charts to complement any subject. Media can also be imported from the user's computer and added to their animated videos. Including audio is a breeze with the handy record button that lets users create powerful voiceovers directly in the software. There is also the ability to add subtitles.

Over three hundred animation effects and dozens of transition effects bring any topic to life and allow for a smooth flow between segments of animated videos. Animations can be applied to backgrounds, media, characters, and text so everything grabs and holds the audience's attention. The free animation maker software also features realistic characters that can portray any concept that users desire.

All these great features probably sound like they cost a fortune. But the software is free to download and users can sign up for an account for free as well. This free animation maker software will also save on costs for actors, equipment, and locations for video shoots.

"We understand the need to create great content on a tight budget", says Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate. "That's what most of our products are about."

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