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Mango Animate Now Offers a Text Animation Maker Free

Mango Animate has just launched their text animation maker, the fourth software in the series. It can create stunning kinetic typography videos through a copy-paste of text.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2021 --The newest and trendiest way to get and keep the attention of any audience is animated text videos. Animated videos in general have been popular for some time. The text version opens up a whole world of possibilities. For example, existing text content such as blogs and articles can now be converted to a more engaging video format. All this is made even easier as animation software provider Mango Animate now allows users to download and use their text animation maker free.

As can be expected, there are many text animation makers available. But Mango Animate Text Video Maker (Mango Animate TM) stands out among them. With this free text animation maker, anyone can turn plain text into vibrant and appealing text videos in no time, and with very little effort. There is no need for animation skills or experience.

Mango Animate TM is easy to use and super convenient. Start by downloading the text animation maker free. For even more features, users can upgrade to one of the very affordable paid plans, but a free account gives access to many great features of the software. Once they sign up for an account, they're ready to start creating awesome animated text videos.

Plenty of templates are available in the text animation maker free. They come with preset typography animation to make the creation process simpler and are fully customizable. Users may also start from scratch with a new blank project. They can import their text and use the handy editor to change font styles, sizes, and colors to suit their tastes. Dividing the text into appropriate sentence groups for the video can be done manually by the user or automatically by the software.

World-class text-to-speech technology is available in the text animation maker free. It features realistic accents in several languages so users can find the perfect voice to appeal to their target audience. The text will be accurately converted to an appealing video in seconds. There are also loads of beautiful animation effects that will bring the text to life.

"One of the best decisions that a content marketer could make is to get this text animation maker free," says Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate.

For more on creating an animated text video with Mango Animate TM, please visit Mango Animate.

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