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Mango Animate Offers a Top-Notch Animated Character Creator

A technology to turn motionless images into lively animated characters doing various movements is what Mango Animate CM is going to offer.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/25/2020 --Animated characters aren't just for the purpose of entertainment. Their entertainment value makes them useful for education, marketing, advertising, and an array of other business purposes. While creating animated characters can seem like a daunting task, Mango Animate has made it simple with its animated character creator. The Mango Animate Character Animation Maker is an easy to use tool for crafting vibrant animated characters.

Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate states "The animated character creator follows the trend of other Mango Animate software – cost-saving and very easy to use."

Users can take advantage of multiple premade characters available in the animated character creator. They're all well designed, fully rigged, and ready to use. It's easy to customize them to match personal style and animation needs. The animated character creator allows for modification of characters' facial features, including eye and eyebrow colors, hair colors, and mouth colors as well as hair and skin color, and outfits and accessories. All of this can be accomplished with a few clicks and the result will be outstanding animated characters for any project.

Animators can also import static images into the animated character creator and turn them into fascinating animated characters if they prefer not to use the premade characters. PNG and PSD files are supported, and once imported, users can add bones and nodes, then add movements from the extensive motion library to bring the characters to life. A large collection of lively facial expressions and body movements makes this a breeze. The inverse kinematic (IK) feature makes sure the movements and poses of characters are more defined and flow more naturally.

With this animated character creator, characters can be given a voice. Users can import audio files including .mp3, .wav, .flac, as well as other formats into the animated character creator, then animate and adjust the character's mouth movements to make it appear as if the character is saying what's in the audio file. Completed animated characters can be exported in various formats and shared easily. They can be imported into the Mango Animate Animation Maker and saved as part of the customized character library.

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Mango Animate is an industry-leading provider of high-quality animation software. They offer several animated video makers as well as the Character Animation Maker.