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Mango Animate Offers Drawing Animation Software to Break Learning Barriers

Teachers will make their courses fun and appealing to students with whiteboard videos made by Mango Animate WM, the drawing animation software from Mango Animate.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2020 --Everyone learns differently. A regular classroom can put some learners at a disadvantage by focusing on set methods of teaching. The drawing animation software developed by Mango Animate offers different ways to present content to students, thus breaking learning barriers and optimizing the educational experience.

"Everyone should be offered the same opportunity to learn, regardless of their different abilities," says Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate. "This drawing animation software makes it easier for all types of learners to grasp the material being presented." Mango Animate WM simplifies things for educators and learners alike. It features useful templates that can be customized with a simple drag and drop interface. Lessons don't need to be limited as the infinite canvas allows for the creation of as many scenes as needed to clearly outline all points.

Students who learn visually can be engaged using a variety of hands and pens available in the drawing animation software. Alternatively, teachers can import pictures of hands or any other object and use them to write and draw information on the whiteboard. Additionally, any part of the lesson can be presented by importing images and having them drawn by the drawing animation software as part of the video.

An expansive media library is available in Mango Animate WM. Icons, shapes, images, and pre-made characters can be used to highlight different aspects of the material being presented. What's more, users can import custom multimedia elements to enhance their presentations.

Teachers can appeal to their auditory learners with the powerful voiceover tool and audio editor. They can record their voices directly in the drawing animation software using the record button or import audio files to augment the content of the lesson.

Almost all students are attracted to animations. Mango Animate WM presents a creative way to hold the attention of students and ensure they learn what is being taught. Simple effects like a hand clearing information from the whiteboard before a new drawing begins can be fascinating for little minds. There are many other stunning entrance, emphasis, and exit effects available, and like everything else in the drawing animation software, effects can be customized. The learning experience has been revolutionized.

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