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Mango Animate Offers the Best Whiteboard Software for Windows

Mango Animate is full of confidence in its whiteboard animation software to become the best whiteboard software for Windows.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2021 --Whiteboard animation videos can convey messages in more imaginative ways and make it easier for audiences to understand ideas. The whiteboard as an educational tool has demonstrated enduring power to inform and boost retention of information. With a host of features and benefits, the Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) is the best whiteboard software for Windows.

"Only the best is good enough for our customers," says Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate. "That's why we put so much effort into making this the best whiteboard software for Windows."

The Mango Animate WM provides expert help to begin creating professional whiteboard videos. Packed with masterfully designed templates, the best whiteboard software for Windows allows anyone to create stunning and informative videos even if they have no design or animation skills. Templates can be fully personalized so that the finished video is a unique representation of its creator.

With the Mango Animate WM, users can present richer, more vibrant content. There is an impressive library of premade characters, SVG images, shapes, symbols, and charts that will add depth to any message and make it easier to understand. Additionally, users can import custom media from their computers and integrate them into their presentations. The best whiteboard software for Windows features a convenient image editor that lets users customize colors, change the position of images, and add decorative effects.

Without hands to draw on the whiteboard, a whiteboard animation video loses its purpose. As the best whiteboard software for Windows, the Mango Animate WM is equipped with several male and female hands in different sizes that perform various motions. It also allows users to import custom hands or use images of any object they import into the software as the drawing tool. Users can really get creative and use applicable objects to transmit their messages.

The Mango Animate WM has hundreds of animation effects that will bring any presentation to life. The hand-drawing effect in particular is worthy of mention. This effect can be applied to any image and the image will be drawn as the video progresses, appearing first as a black and white sketch and then gradually filled in with color.

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