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Mango Animate Provides Skeletal Animation 2D Software with Motion Templates

Mango Animate’s skeletal animation 2D software comes with motion templates that allow users to add facial expressions, body actions, and other features to the characters.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2021 --Mango Animate is a platform for animators who want to make a difference in digital marketing. The company is now providing skeletal animation 2D software tools to help users transform images into captivating animated characters. The process is simple. Users only need to add main skeletons to images to humanize them using a powerful bone tool. The bone tool enables them to rig their 2D animated characters and customize every bone's position in a timeline to design lovely fluid-moving characters.

The skeletal animation 2D software has pre-made bone structures that are used to form complete bone systems and make the characters whole. Each of the bone structures is designed to follow the human and animal anatomy. Users get to choose any of these structures to add to their PNG and PSD images, then customize every bone's position before animating them into real characters.

"Our skeletal animation 2D software helps users design captivating character animation designs," said Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango animate. "It is the best skeleton animation tool anyone can use to create eye-catching projects that speak to their audiences. The features and functionalities are easy to add using the drag and drop tool. We have plenty of pre-set options that make the process of animation a breeze."

The motion templates are designed to create character animations with all the features, body actions, and facial expressions. The skeletal animation 2D software makes it easy to make real characters that are human-like. By placing motions to the timeline, the characters formed will have regular movements and actions. Animators will use the characters in their animated videos to pass the right message across. Animated characters have the power to communicate clearly to viewers.

The skeletal animation 2D software allows animators to add engaging sound effects to their animated characters. They can add matching audio tracks to the characters' movements to make them more lively and entertaining to watch. Users are allowed to import their own audio files, which they will use to humanize their characters to make lasting impressions on their audiences. People who watch animated characters get intrigued with the presentations, and they can watch them to the very end.

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