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Mango Animate Releases an Exciting New Animation Maker

Mango Animate’s powerful new animation maker has been released to the market.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2020 --Mango Animate's new animation maker is perfect for all those who wanted to use the power of animation to express themselves. This advanced animation maker allows anyone to harness the power of animation without having to hire a designer or an expensive third-party agency. For a one-time fee, they can gain access to a powerful application that will enable them to create studio-grade animations that will stun and amaze people.

Since animation is a powerful tool, many people can use the animation maker to achieve their goals. This includes teachers who are struggling to come up with new ways to engage their students, as well as businesses that want to create marketing materials that will capture the attention of their customers. Mango Animate' new software is also perfect for ordinary people who simply want to exercise their imagination and share their creations with family and friends.

"Our goal with the new animation maker was to create an application that is both highly advanced and easy to use," said Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate. "The application is intuitive and easy to use, so a person without any advanced knowledge can soon start creating stunning animations. By making the animation maker available on the payment of a one-off fee, we hope that a wider audience will become interested in incorporating animation making into their professional and personal lives."

Users can easily start creating stunning animations using a blank canvas or by selecting from the hundreds of pre-configured templates. Beginners can create content simply by replacing the content of a template. A library of thousands of objects, including images, widgets, SVGs, symbols, and charts, is available to make creating an original animation a breeze.

The animation can be enriched by the addition of multimedia content such as drag and drop images and shapes. Exciting scene transitions and camera movement effects such as zooming and rotating can be added to give the animation a unique touch. The ability to incorporate entrance, emphasis, and exit animations will further stimulate creativity and imagination. Once created, the animation video can conveniently be published on the cloud or as an offline video or GIF, ensuring that it reaches its target audience.

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