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Mango Animate Releases Animation Video Software for Education

The animation video software helps educators create animated videos to enhance their students' understanding of topics.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2020 --Mango Animate has just released an animation video software that can be used in learning institutions to enhance learners' understanding of concepts. Animated videos help improve learners' practical skills by allowing them to interpret animated characters and connect them with the topics they are covering. Mango Animate has enabled educators to be innovative and make their lessons enjoyable and easy to understand.

Animation videos help students of all education levels get knowledge in a more fun and entertaining way while delivering knowledge on the subject matter. Using Mango Animate, they can create multiple animated videos with different characters to simplify complex subjects and make learning exciting and memorable. The good thing with this company is that its tools can be used to animate any subject with no limits to the topics educators have planned for the students.

"Our animation video software was designed to serve all our clients, including learning institutions, educators, and learners," said Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate. "The learning curve is shifting for the better, and we want to be part of its growth, helping learning institutions to access the most innovative techniques to help students grasp topics faster and retain the information taught. We have simplified animated video creation into four easy steps to help them create as many educational animated videos as possible."

At Mango Animate, teachers can use the many video assets such as images, animation widgets, SVGs, and more to illustrate processes, various historical events to enhance learners' understanding. The best thing about this animation video software is that educators can use it to design educational videos for children in primary schools, high schools, and college students both in a classroom or online.

The most notable advantage of using Mango Animate's animation video maker is that it's simple and straightforward that even students studying design can be encouraged to learn to create their own animated videos. Their tutors will not have difficulty explaining the video creation process because everything is provided, including free design templates, roles, an infinite canvas, lively camera effects, animations, scene transitions, and more. In collaboration with their teachers and Mango Animate's team's support, they can improve their design skills while enjoying the best experience using the platform's free tools.

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