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Mango Animate Soon Unveils Character Design Software to Create Dynamic Roles

Mango Animate decides to make its character design software available to all users, which can turn static images into animated characters in seconds.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/24/2020 --Mango Animate Character Animation Maker (Mango Animate CM) was born to meet the rapid development of the creative industry. This character design software offers convenience to users who do not have animation skills to transform static images into vivid 2D animated characters, making the process much easier.

Mango Animate CM can easily convert multiple pictures in PNG/PSD formats to 2D animated characters through simple and commonly used action skeleton templates, and make the characters move and rotate at any angle by controlling the bones. That can make lifelike animated characters efficiently in just four simple steps with this character design software. The created roles then can be used in videos, web pages, games, presentations to provide the audience with an engaging experience.

Selena Lee, chief designer of Mango Animate, comments on the forthcoming Mango Animate CM, "Many people nowadays tend to spend less time and interest in reading lengthy or unexcited text. Of course, the charm of text cannot be denied, but if you are looking for effective ways to capture your audience's attention. Then this character design software will help you achieve that, by turning your still images into entertaining, eye-catching, excited animated characters."

To put it simply, Mango Animate CM is specially developed for 2D animation characters. What makes this character design software unique is it has a simple interface that takes in everything at a glance and provides the easiest and most effective way for users, even beginners completely without any prior animation experience, to create their desired animated characters.

Users can choose from the massive pre-designed characters and a rich library of pre-set motions. In this way they simply need to pick one role, change outfits or skin colors if necessary, select motions, and then export it as a gif or video that is ready to use in any video project. For advanced users who demand more customization in character making, they can import an image, add bones and nodes to it, edit poses, facial expressions, and movements to act out their stories.

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