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Mango Animate Unveils an Animated Avatar Maker for Marketing

Mango Animate has unveiled an animated avatar maker to help users create custom videos for marketing purposes.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2021 --Mango Animate has just unveiled an animated avatar maker for designing cool cartoons, full-body, talking avatars, and realistic illustrations. The PNG and PSD-based software is simple to use, with advanced tools and an intuitive interface, enabling users to create personalized avatars to match their brands or personalities to suit their objectives. Mango Animate has pre-set avatars that they can upload, add bone nodes, and animate their creations.

The animated avatar maker has plenty of accessories to customize the video typography, layout, colors, and other design elements of their avatars. The process of avatar creation is as easy as selecting the pre-set avatars or importing them, customizing their appearance, and sharing them with target viewers. Mango Animate provides everything needed to design unique avatars that stand out. Whether the project is for marketing, entertainment, or education, users are assured of access to the right resources for customizing their avatars.

"We designed our animated avatar maker to help our clients use avatars as branding on all their projects," said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. "Once they complete their designs, they can instantly upload their projects to various platforms and share their message with their audience. Our goal is to inspire users to explore their creativity and come up with stunning avatars that move the masses."

Mango Animate has a feature-packed realistic motion library with various options for customizing the motions of each avatar. The company understands that each avatar has to depict unique behavior and motion. That's why it developed an innovative animated avatar maker with excellent features. The library is equipped with pre-set motion options that users have the ability to drag and drop into the avatars to humanize them. These motion options can cover all the actions the characters should represent.

The animated avatar maker provides many ways for users to personalize their creations. They are able to use the built-in templates and add expressions and other characteristics that align with their objectives. With Mango Animate, it is easy to change the avatar's size, color, and transparency. Mango Animate empowers users to add photos by dragging and dropping them, then turning them into style shapes that will blend well with their avatars. Mango Animate also allows them to add more personality and flair to their projects with text animations, stickers, and more.

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