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Mango Animate Will Launch a Whiteboard Video Maker for Creating Explainer Videos

The whiteboard video maker is going to help users turn their ideas into stunning informational explainer videos.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2020 --Mango Animate is soon launching an intuitive whiteboard video maker for creating explainer videos. The software is fully equipped with advanced tools to help users turn any aspect, service, or product into stunning informational whiteboard explainer videos. Users will be able to create multiple videos to demonstrate products or services in action and help viewers understand the way they work and how to use them. This software is designed for all users who are eager to share their projects with their audiences. They will get the chance to incorporate 3D lively characters, hand types, SVG images, music, icons, and other multimedia elements to make the videos more interesting, engaging, and informative.

Mango Animate's whiteboard video maker is coming with various male and female hands and different sizes and gestures to choose from, to give the videos a personal touch. These are excellent features to use when explaining intricate or highly technical systems, processes, or products. They help to make the whole process lively, especially when used in combination with the powerful voiceover feature. Users will soon record custom voiceover audios directly and use them in their videos when presenting detailed explanations. This way, they make them more vivid and fun to watch to the end.

"Our whiteboard video maker has efficient tools that will help users create many different types of whiteboard explainer videos to benefit their ventures," said Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate. "This will allow them to share a lot of ideas with their viewers without losing interest in their videos. Our software is simple but powerful, and it is going to help users communicate with a broad audience base by sharing their videos everywhere."

Since whiteboard explainer videos are on-the-spot creations, users can use them to charm their viewers by creating environments and characters and making the images come to life as they watch with eagerness. When they embellish them with the text-to-speech converter, sound effects, and soft background music, their audiences will not help but remain glued to watch more video content. The whiteboard video maker also comes with a full multi-timeline editing tool to make video creation easy.

Mango Animate clients will also use the whiteboard video maker to create whiteboard explainer videos that feature the benefits of what they are offering their customers. They'll use the 3D lively characters and other multimedia elements to make them more interactive and engaging. In this way, they'll be able to communicate positive information to potential customers who will likely show interest in their products. They'll effectively include testimonials from contented customers to build trust and boost their credibility among the audiences.

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