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Mango Animate Will Launch Mango WM for Creating Whiteboard Animations

Mango Animate will shortly release Mango WM, a free software program to create whiteboard animations.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2020 --Mango Animate will soon introduce Mango WM, an advanced but easy to use software program that will allow anyone to produce stunning whiteboard animations. Available free of charge, this powerful new software will enable more people to communicate their messages and ideas through the medium of whiteboard animation.

"Mango WM, which we will be launching very soon, has been designed to provide all the tools necessary to create engaging and entertaining whiteboard animations that are up to professional standards," said Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate. "By offering it free of charge, we hope to encourage more people to start producing whiteboard animations, whether it is to communicate a message or exercise personal creativity."

Whiteboard animations are an exciting way of communicating difficult or complex ideas, and are useful for a range of people, from managers to teachers. Many organizations have been unable to use whiteboard animation software due to their cost. As Mango WM is free and easy to use, anyone can use this powerful medium without having to purchase expensive software or use the services of a professional.

A range of advanced tools lets absolute beginners create impeccable whiteboard animations. A library of pre-built templates is at hand to enable the inexperienced to get started. The professionally created templates are fully customizable, so distinctive animations can be created in minutes. Stunning transition, entry and exit effects can be conveniently added to give the animation a professional look.

Thousands of pre-made characters, images and icons can be accessed directly from the editor and added to make the video even more captivating. Also available are a variety of hand types, both male and female, along with different sizes and gestures, to ensure that the message is communicated more effectively.

Users can give their whiteboard video a distinctive touch by recording their own custom voiceover, which can be easily incorporated into the animation. Tying it all together is the multi-timeline editing function that lets users seamlessly combine everything into a captivating video or GIF. Whether it is for business, education or personal projects, soon everyone will be able to freely create whiteboard animations with Mango WM.

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