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Mango Animate Will Release a Free 2D Character Creator with Rich Roles

As the demand for dynamic character animations grows, Mango Animate sets to launch a free 2D character creator to provide users with more stunning animated characters.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2021 --Now more and more people prefer to choose the form of animation to bring their ideas to life but it comes with a question that how to accurately express different people's ideas from all walks of life. When many people are troubled by the above question, Mango Animate has given out its answer that a free 2D character creator packed with character templates will be launched as soon as possible.

When users launch this free 2D character creator and click to use the preset roles, they will see a lot of character templates for various industries displayed on the main page such as doctors, teachers, tourists, and so on. Especially the character library also contains Chinese ancient roles, including Lao Tzu, Qin Shi Huang, and Monkey King. Supposing a history teacher wants to make the courseware more interesting and attractive, a vivid ancient character animation may be a good choice.

Based on the selected model, the free 2D character creator also supports users to modify the character further. Both the head and body of characters can be edited. For example, if users have already chosen a businessman character template, they still can replace the businessman's body model with that of a doctor. Also, the facial features of characters can be changed. Users can adjust characters' skin tone and hair color to create different race models. At the same time, it's even easier to change characters' outfits and accessories to realize the infinite customization.

"At the beginning of developing this free 2D character software, we have specified that it will not only help users create amazing animations but also bring convenience to their work and life, which reflects our user-friendly concept. We are confident to reveal this character maker in the near future to give back to our faithful users, " says Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate.

This character maker also automatically records every step of users' operation and the cancel function allows them to undo the previous operation until the satisfactory character is created after the element selection and combination. With the pre-made character and motion library, users will not be troubled by finding materials anymore. And the free 2D character software helps users more efficiently create animations.

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