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Mango Animate WM Helps Build an Animated Chalkboard Presentation

Mango Animate’s animated chalkboard presentation maker is paving the way for the future of communication.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2021 --Mango Animate has rolled out its animated chalkboard presentation maker. This forward-thinking software allows users of all levels to make powerful animation videos to share with their audiences. Storytelling is made simply with Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker(Mango Animate WM), as users have access to templates, animation effects, and much more.

An animated chalkboard presentation is the most effective way to tell a story. Users can write a script with a hook, story, and call to action to attract more viewers. Mango Animate WM provides a massive free media library with pre-made characters, SVG images, icons, and shapes for users to choose from. With these tools, users are able to build their stories to match their vision.

The effectiveness of an animated chalkboard presentation comes down to the chalkboard background, the drawing hand, and the continuous drawing. Mango Animate WM allows users to customize this process by uploading their own drawing hands or choosing from a large selection of pre-designed hands. By taking advantage of these traditional aspects of an animation video, users can develop engaging and interesting content.

Mango Animate WM allows users to add personalized characters to their animated chalkboard presentations. This feature helps users add a personal touch, making the story more readable to the audience. The program even offers a voice recording feature right within the software, so users can include audio to convey their messages better. Audiences respond much better to videos with a human and audio component, helping spark an emotional connection.

Although animated chalkboard presentations are typically black and white, Mango Animate WM gives users the creative freedom to add colors where necessary. Adding colors is useful when attempting to highlight critical aspects of the message being delivered. The software offers full multi-timeline editing and easy output options to make every step of the way, from creation to sharing, as quick as possible.

"Mango Animate WM is ideal for those interested in trying animated chalkboard presentations but have no idea where to start, " says the chief designer of Mango Animate, Selena Lee. "This software is built to simplify the process and even includes a free version with plenty of tools and assets for first-time users to find success."

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