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Mango Animate WM Is Effective Whiteboard Presentation Software

Upon releasing its whiteboard presentation software, Mango Animate is excited to highlight some of its most promising features.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2021 --Mango Animate recently launched its whiteboard presentation software, which is designed to help creators deliver their messages in a clear and compelling manner. Mango Animate WM is at the forefront of animation technology, allowing users to develop high-quality presentations in just a few quick steps. Its massive library of pre-designed templates and free media assets means anyone can build an eye-catching presentation video with no experience necessary.

This whiteboard presentation software can be useful for a business meeting or an educational assignment. Either way, Mango Animate WM provides a selection of pre-made characters, SVG images, charts, symbols, and shapes to help anyone instantly get started with the animation process. With an extensive collection of drawing hands to choose from, including male and female hands of various sizes and genders, users can personalize their presentation. For further customization options, anyone can even upload their own images to replace the drawing hand.

These exciting features serve as a reminder that plain text and static photos don't get nearly as much attention and interest as a lively animation from Mango Animate does. The company's whiteboard presentation software can bring critical points of any presentation to life by offering dozens of entrance, emphasis, and exit animation effects. Mango Animate WM also makes it easy to foster an emotional connection with viewers by adding custom voice-overs to videos. All audio can be recorded and edited directly within the whiteboard presentation software.

"It's easy to lose your audience's attention in the fast-paced world we live in," says Mango Animate CTO Ivan Leung. "The truth is, people are much more likely to stay engaged with a presentation if it's animated. Our whiteboard presentation software can help you capitalize on this and make an irresistible first impression on your audience."

Mango Animate's whiteboard presentation software is perfect even for beginners, as the drag-and-drop tool makes animation building familiar and fun. When completed, a Mango Animate WM creation can be shared in a number of ways. Users can save a project offline in six different formats, including full HD or even as a GIF. From there, the animated presentation can be posted to social media or uploaded to YouTube for wider sharing.

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