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Mango Animate's 2D Character Design Software Is Coming Soon

When it comes to making an animation video, many people may first think about if there is any powerful and easy-to-use character animation software. Recently Mango Animate has announced that a 2D character design software program for easily making creative animation videos will be rolled out soon.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2021 --This 2D character design software is an extraordinary software program that allows users to create professional character animations in a second. It is loaded with multiple features and specifications to help users create a lifelike 2D animation and skeletal animation. With this 2D character design software, users can directly import their PNG and PSD images and edit poses, apply dynamic animations, add bones, and other features to create some stunning animation videos.

The 2D character design software includes an enormous library of ready-made beautifully designed animated characters and a vast amount of motion library, which consists of pre-made motions like facial expressions and body movements enhanced with a simple drag-and-drop feature. With this software, users can easily customize their characters with limitless accessories and outfit options.

Also, there are some impressively high-end features like smart and intuitive Inverse kinematic. With that users can edit their characters posing and movement to have full control of their characters. Editable characters and multiple saving formats are features that make this 2D character design software very trusted and promising.

This 2D character design software is crafted from scratch by an experienced team of developers from Mango Animate and Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate while thanking their developers says, "The 2D character design software is not just our another animation software product but its hard work, dedication, and research of our super talented team."

He further adds that "Mango Animate is committed to providing simple and user-friendly products for all kinds of creators without compromising on any features." This software already created a buzz in the market before its launch, and all the creators of the digital community are eagerly awaiting a launch and experience this software firsthand to sharpen their animation skills.

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