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Mango Animate's Animated Ad Maker Creates Attractive Ads

Mango Animate's animated ad maker assists businesses to create attractive ads easily and drive more sales.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2021 --Business today is being conducted on a modern stage. As such, business owners must use modern methods to promote their business and grow their customer base. Animated ads are a crucial part of the modern marketing strategy. They're catchy, entertaining, and proven to increase audience engagement. Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM) is an ideal animated ad maker. It quickly creates ads that will convert to sales and make brands even stronger.

"Animated ads are proven to drive more sales, " says Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate. "And our animated ad maker creates winning ads."

Advertising can be expensive. A regular ad needs to pay for the actors, locations, and equipment but an animated ad is more cost-effective than a regular one. The animated ad maker of Mango Animate produces captivating ads without any of these costs. Users can switch the beautiful backgrounds with a click so there's no need to physically move locations.

This animated ad maker also features over forty character roles. Marketers can find a character to match just about any industry. Plus, they can import and add characters to the custom character library. These characters will act out any script to perfection – no retakes needed. Dynamic camera effects like zoom, rotate, and the pan will add flair to the ads. Users can use several cameras and change the main camera when they choose.

There's a powerful voiceover tool in the animated ad maker as well. Users just need to click the record button to add their voices and explain their points. They can also enhance their ads by uploading audio files. The handy audio editor will create the perfect soundtrack and users can add captions for clarity and emphasis.

What makes animated ads so interesting is the animation effect. The animated ad maker has hundreds of animation effects to make ads fascinating. Effects can be added to characters, media, and text. There are also dozens of transition effects that will help ads flow smoothly from scene to scene.

An ad is pointless if no one sees it. Mango Animate AM lets users export their ads in various formats. With a few clicks, their ads can be shared on any platform.

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