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Mango Animate's Animated Infographic Maker Conveys Information More Vividly

Mango Animate AM is an animated infographic maker that aims to help users make compelling infographics to attract audiences.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2020 --Infographics are intended to pass on information quickly and in an attractive way. Today's public though tends to be more discerning. This has created the need for more innovative ways of getting and holding their attention. A growing trend is animation. The Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM), developed by animation software provider Mango Animate, is the ideal animated infographic maker for making static infographics more interesting.

This animated infographic maker is a low-cost tool that is perfect for beginners as well as professionals to create attention-grabbing infographics. It's super easy to use with professionally designed templates that can be customized using a simple drag and drop method. No design or animation skills and experience are required.

The animated infographic maker is also equipped with everything that is needed to design and execute a great animated infographic video. A massive library of free media items including SVG images, symbols, icons, charts, and pre-made characters will provide the user with all the material needed to effectively display their message. Characters can be given different occupations, emotions, and facial expressions to make them more lifelike, and can also speak if the infographic requires it.

Hundreds of animation effects are available within this animated infographic maker. Users can make use of captivating entrance, emphasis, and exit effects to highlight different sections of the infographic. Animation effects can be applied to characters, media, and text to bring all the elements of the infographic to life. Transition effects enable a smooth flow from one point to the next. Controlling all the elements of the infographic video is a breeze with the animated infographic maker. The multi-track timeline lets users manage the background, foreground, animations, and cameras with ease.

An infographic must be publicized to fulfill its purpose. With the animated infographic maker, publishing the finished infographic is effortless. It can be exported as a GIF or as an offline video in six different formats. Then with just a few clicks, it can be shared on social media and other platforms.

According to Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate, "Our vision for Mango Animate AM is brought to life in its use as an animated infographic maker."

To download Mango Animate AM, please visit Mango Animate.

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