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Mango Animate's Animated Intro Maker Increases Social Media Following

Animation videos are considered an effective form to attract user attention. The animated intro maker developed by Mango Animate offers users easy tools to make such video content to increase their social media following.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2021 --Social media has become the place to advertise and build brands. It is quickly replacing traditional media in this regard. More people are engaged with social media than with conventional media. Therefore, businesses that are seeking to expose and build their brands would do well to exploit such channels. A great way to make social media advertising effective and increase engagement is by using animated intros. The Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM) is the perfect animated intro maker.

This animated intro maker is suitable for amateurs as well as professionals. It requires no animation knowledge or experience. It's packed with professionally designed templates that make creating fabulous animated intros effortless. Personalizing the templates is easy. Users can make use of thousands of free media assets including SVG images, shapes, symbols, and animation widgets to make their intros distinctive. Additionally, they can upload custom media that uniquely represents their brand and integrate them into the animated intros.

With the Mango Animate's animated intro maker, businesses can make their presence felt on social media with ease. Animated versions of videos get more clicks because of how entertaining they are. Hundreds of animation effects on offer in this animated intro maker will allow users to exploit the power of animation. Instead of dull, uninspiring intros, customers will have the pleasure of exciting, dynamic animated intros to tell them about the brand.

Hearing directly from the voice behind a brand helps potential customers develop a deeper connection with that brand. The animated intro maker from Mango Animate features a handy record button that can be used to add voices to the intro. It also allows for the addition of captions to highlight specific points. Video creators can also use any of the over forty dynamic speaking characters in the animated intro maker to vividly explain their points in a snap. Animated intros made with Mango Animate AM can be exported in various formats. They can then be shared on social media with a few clicks.

"The Mango Animate AM is very versatile," says Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate. "Its use as an animated intro maker proves that."

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