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Mango Animate's Animation Video Maker Is the Future of Advertising

Mango Animate, an animation video software provider, offers advertisers great help in making video ad campaigns.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2020 --Advertisers today are constantly seeking new ways to attract consumers and sell their products. They often spend thousands hiring marketing experts to create ad campaigns to achieve this end. The animation video maker from Mango Animate offers a competitive solution to attract customers and get great sales without a giant budget.

This easy to use animation video maker can be utilized to create ads that will not only entertain consumers but will make them want to buy the product so they can experience what the characters in the ad are experiencing. What's more, no technical skill is required, making the need for an expert middle man obsolete.

Products and services can be fully detailed on the animation video maker's infinite canvas. Users have access to customizable templates that can be enhanced with a wide range of media objects, amazing camera and animation effects, as well as built-in recording and subtitle creation.

Whatever the product or service that needs to be marketed, the advertiser can find the right character in the animation video maker to promote their brand as it offers over 40 dynamic speaking roles from waiter to customer and from worker to businessman among many others. The multi-track timeline feature puts the user in charge of every part of their video – background and foreground, camera and animation, ensuring the result is a perfectly crafted animated video ad.

Once the animated ad is created to the advertiser's satisfaction, it will need to be broadcast to the relevant audiences so that it can engage consumers and convert them to sales. Mango Animate's animation video maker makes this effortless with flexible distribution options. The ad can be published as an online video, GIF, or offline one. Distribution to social media platforms is also enabled in the software.

Winston Zhang, CEO at Mango Animate says, "We're always looking for innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their goals in more affordable ways." He continues, "This animation video maker is shaping up to be the future of advertising."

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is a solutions-based animation video maker platform. They offer software for creating several types of animated videos that can be used for a wide range of applications, from education to marketing.