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Mango Animate's Anticipated Doodle Video Maker Draws a Strong Storytelling

Mango Animate will release Mango WM, the doodle video maker, in the near future to assist users in making animated doodle videos.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2020 --As the world evolves and becomes more digital, animators have been offered the opportunity to draw their stories with Mango whiteboard Animation maker (Mango WM for short). Getting any message across to any audience with entertaining stories is incredibly easy with the use of this innovative doodle video maker.

According to Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate, "Doodling used to be just a fun way to pass the time. Now it can be used to tell stories for any purpose from education to advertising with our animated doodle video maker."

Mango WM comes equipped with a large selection of hand types in different sizes that allow for the drawing of any type of character, male or female. Various gestures and the ability to personalize the hand animations make the final video a work of art as the audience can watch the selected hands doodle the story from start to finish.

Multiple 3D characters that are available within the doodle video maker allow the user to draw the whole story out. Thousands of free media items simplify the process of having characters act out their story in the whiteboard doodle video. Animators can add images, shapes, and icons to make the story more believable and easier to relate to. Characters can enter, transition between roles, and exit with hundreds of animation effects.

The doodle video maker also offers captions that highlight specific sections of the story as required. There is a text-to-speech converter and options for background music and sound effects that will ensure the resulting doodle video looks professionally made. Audio can be added from the free media library or by recording custom sound using the voiceover feature. Users simply need to add and edit their voices to create the desired sound. They also have control over every element of the video simultaneously so that there are no delays between characters' movements and sound. This doodle video maker is the gold standard in captivating the audience's attention and keeping them engaged until the whole story has been told.

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is an animation video platform that offers software for creating numerous types of animated videos. Mango whiteboard Animation maker (WM for short) can be used to create among other things, doodle videos for expert storytelling.