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Mango Animate's Free Animated Character Creator Will Help Teachers a Lot

Mango Animate's free animated character creator will make the process of teaching and learning more interesting.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2021 --Mango Animate CM is a free animated character creator that turns static images into animated cartoon characters using skeletal animation and 2D cartoon characters that are both engaging. It is applicable to people in every field: teachers, animators, doctors especially teachers.

Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate says, "It is simple and free to use our software which will help teachers by enabling them to create engaging and exciting coursework for the students. I really think it should be a must-have for any learning institution."

This free animated character creator realizes the transition from static PSD layers or PNG images to animated characters so teachers can import their PSD or PNG files into the software or choose a ready-to-use cartoon role. If they choose a preset cartoon character, they do not have to add extra bones to the role for adjusting the movements. Now users can animate their characters by using pre-made motions or customizing the poses. And this software supports them to preview the animations and export the formats they need.

Compared with traditional long text courseware, animated courseware with dynamic cartoon characters is easier to attract students' attention. And it can help teachers explain the difference between two concepts to students in a vivid way. This amazing free animated character creator is also good for teachers to customize the characters according to their needs, including eye colors, skin colors, and body parts. Teachers will feel free and effortless to create expert-level character animations by just rigging the 2D characters.

Mango Animate's free animated character creator also allows teachers to add their own audio or video files to match the movements of the 2D characters. Just imaging how attractive a cartoon character animation courseware with a clear voice explanation is. What's more, this free animated character creator greatly helps users publish their animations in various formats including PNG, GIFs, MP4, and MOV.

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