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Mango Animate's Free Doodle Video Maker Is an Essential Workplace

This free doodle video maker changes the way companies distribute information to employees.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2021 --Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker is formulated to make the workplace more productive. This free doodle video maker can be used to explain company policies to employees and new hires in a way that is engaging and fun. By offering a massive variety of pre-made animation templates, company leaders can quickly and easily get started without sacrificing their valuable time.

The free doodle video maker is stocked with hundreds of beautiful transition effects that will keep the audience hooked from the very beginning. Employees respond much better to lively and animated presentations than text-heavy presentations. Plus, using animated characters to demonstrate topics related to company strategies and policies will help viewers have a better understanding of the subject.

To make it even easier for the audience to grasp concepts, the free doodle video maker includes versatile drawing hand gestures. Users can choose from a large selection of male and female drawing hands or upload an image of their own hands for better customization. Plus, the picture doesn't even have to be a hand—any object can take its place within the software.

Another great way creators can personalize their whiteboard animations is with the audio recording feature. Company managers and HR directors can easily record voiceovers to correspond with their animated videos. The free doodle video maker even includes a captioning feature and supports uploading audio files. With the caption and audio capabilities, users can better explain essential policies and procedures.

The free doodle video maker allows easy editing thanks to its drag-and-drop tool. All effects, hand gestures, and media objects can be added to a project instantaneously. No prior technical or coding skills are required to maneuver this software, meaning anyone with a computer can get started on creating stunning whiteboard animation videos. When a doodle animation project is completed, users can conveniently save and share it with employers.

"Whiteboard animations are one of the newest and most exciting ways that companies connect with their own team members," says Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. "Our free doodle video maker is the most effective tool to explain and highlight critical details of a workplace."

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