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Mango Animate's New Text Video Creator Amazes Users with Advanced Features

With the user-friendly features and extensive asset library, this free animation software has everything needed to produce professional-looking animated text videos that will captivate viewers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2021 --Mango Animate Text Video Maker(Mango Animate TM) is a text video creator that gives users the power to share their thoughts visually. Anyone can create and publish information-rich animated text videos that are easy for viewers to watch and understand. The program can be used for various purposes, from creating corporate training videos or telling a story to share on social media platforms.

Making dynamic text videos is a simple, four-step process with the Mango Animate's text video creator. First, the software furnishes users with fully editable templates that make creating videos simple and quick. These templates can be modified at any time to include unique, personalized elements such as custom music or backgrounds, icons, and more. Furthermore, the animated templates ensure that users do not have to create their animation from scratch and greatly save their valuable time.

The video creation process is as easy as picking a video template, importing a document, choosing a background, adding music and other decorative elements, and exporting it in the desired format. This text video creator doesn't require any extended rendering time or exporting files because it instantly creates eye-catching text-rich animated videos.

"Animated text videos are an excellent way to get a message across — whether it's about customer reviews or product demonstrations. However, it's natural to get overwhelmed with the amount of time it takes to create something that shines. Mango Animate provides a quick solution with this affordable and excellent text video creator that makes creating animated text videos swift and painless," says Ivan Leung, the CTO of Mango Animate.

Mango Animate's text video creator is a product of thorough research. It is created considering the needs of a professional animator and to offer maximum ease to first-time users. As a result, the software has all the best features that let users create kinetic typography videos with efficiency, no technical skills required.

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