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Mango Animate's Text to Video Online Tool Will Create Awesome Text Videos

The global leading animation software company will unveil an animated text to video software embedded with powerful features to fulfill users’ video content creation needs.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2021 --Mango Animate will release a practical text to video online tool to facilitate users to compose and share engaging videos in minutes. To empower every internet user to produce impactful animated text videos, this new text video maker is entirely free. Artists, students, freelancers, and every other professional, regardless of their industry, can utilize this software to craft a video without any investment.

The software includes every essential feature needed to create a professional quality animation video. An extensive library of editable and pre-made templates enables users to convert their texts into engaging typography videos without any trouble. To cater to every industry's different needs, this software has included various motion text animation styles.

Users with younger targeted audiences can use more accelerated effects like sliding-in or bounce, and one with more mature viewers can leverage the classic ones. This software is created for a global user base. It is incorporated with different languages and audio tones to give the users complete control to set their videos as per their liking. The advanced text to speech technique ensures that videos have a less robotic and more realistic feel.

"We have developed this text to video online tool to help people get their messages across to a larger audience quickly. The software is fast, efficient, and incredibly user-friendly, so it is equally suitable for amateurs and experienced video creators. The tool is free and everyone can create a buzz among their content viewers with stunning animated videos, "says Winston Zhang, the CEO of Mango Animate.

This text to video online tool comes with a free huge library of icons, backgrounds, characters, and other assets. Users can also add their own pictures, font styles, business logos to the videos to give them a more personal touch. The tool is able to quickly convert audio files and text articles into eye-catching videos. And it also allows users to add an additional script to the videos at any stage of the creation process. When a video is finalized, users are able to export it in various formats as per the compatibility with the platform where it has to be shared.

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