Dr. Simon Rosenberg

Manhattan Dentist Dr. Simon Rosenberg Emphasizes Patient Education for Better Oral Health, Confident Smiles

NYC Dentist Dr. Simon Rosenberg stresses the importance of thorough patient education for better oral health


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2016 --Dr. Simon Rosenberg, general and cosmetic dentist in New York City is helping patients achieve better oral health and more confident smiles by emphasizing thorough patient education at his practice. Using a variety of methods and patient education systems, Dr. Rosenberg and his staff strive for the goal to "inform before performing" any needed dental services so patients value the necessity of the procedure and are also confident about what to expect during the procedure.

Dr. Rosenberg and his staff incorporate oral hygiene demonstrations, doctor-patient discussions, and also multimedia presentations to educate patients about oral health, treatments, and ongoing care. During initial exams and cleanings, Dr. Rosenberg's patients are shown a video and individual demonstration of proper brushing and flossing techniques. Patients also receive a "Mouth Owner's Manual" that gives patients an overview of best practices for great oral health.

At Dr. Rosenberg's office, patients can also view video presentations that are part of the CAESY Education System. These DVDs cover topics like oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, dental implants, etc. Dr. Rosenberg can also provide patients with customized take-home DVDs on the topics they want to learn more about or that interest them.

Dr. Rosenberg is also committed to dedicating time to doctor-patient discussions as he feels that his role as a dentist is to be an educator and communicator. He talks to patients face-to-face about their oral health and needed treatments using simple language that patients can understand about why they may need a certain procedure and how it will improve their oral health.

To promote thorough communication and discussion with patients who are interested in cosmetic dental procedures, Dr. Rosenberg utilizes SNAP Dental Imaging Software that allows patients to see a simulated view of what their smile will look like after the cosmetic procedure is completed. This helps Dr. Rosenberg and his patients ensure that each have similar expectations and goals for the treatment outcome.

About Dr. Rosenberg
Dr. Rosenberg is one of the most experienced dental professionals in Manhattan with more than four decades spent in private practice. He completed his formal dental education at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, but has remained heavily involved in continuing education courses throughout his career. Dr. Rosenberg is known throughout the industry for his expertise as a dental professional and has published more than 20 articles in medical and dental journals.

For more information about Dr. Rosenberg and what he offers at his Manhattan office for patient education services, please visit www.drsimonrosenberg.com.