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Manhattan Mold Abatement Co. Steps in to Alleviate Home Owners Stress with Hurricane Sandy Mold Claims and Litigation Paperwork.


Manhattan, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2013 --Citizens of New York City Now Have Additional Assistance Option for Filing Claims, Filing Lawsuits, Or Applying For A Home Improvement Loan to Clean Up and Repair Damages Caused By Hurricane Sandy .

With literally thousands upon thousands of people filing different types of FEMA claims and insurance claims, many New Yorkers have no clue when it comes to what documentation is needed with an application and how to apply for any type of claim for damages stemming from Hurricane Sandy.

Residents of New York are currently dealing with a very serious situation that could prove to be quite devastating to many resident’s health and homes. As numerous individuals, volunteers, businesses, organizations, corporations, state and federal agencies, and government officials have been contributing to the restoration and repair of New Yorkers homes and businesses, there are still many areas that are literally left in the dark, more than likely have toxic mold growing, and are still contaminated from raw sewage. With warmer and wetter weather on the way for New York City, the mold problem that New Yorkers are currently facing is quite severe.

A spokesperson for the NYC mold inspection company went on to close with, “We understand and can relate to the everyday struggles people are going through economically, and now the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We have been proactively helping our clients with FEMA claims, insurance claims, and litigation documentation for renters experiencing stubborn landlords. Many New Yorkers still do not know how many organizations and systems are out there that can help them find a way out of their daily hardships”.

In need of additional assistance with filing a FEMA claim, an insurance claim, or applying for a home improvement loan pertaining to Hurricane Sandy relief funds? A well established NYC mold inspection and mold removal company in NYC has assisting New Yorkers with collecting proper documentation to be used with applications for assistance.

For more information on mold inspection services along with professional assistance with filing Hurricane Sandy claims and applications for assistance, please contact- Five Boros Mold Inspections