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Manhattan Mold Inspection Co., EntireEnviro, Reports Increase in Mold and Allergy Cases Derived from Hurricane Sandy Flood Waters


Manhattan, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2013 --A Manhattan mold testing company has recently been experiencing high volumes of new cases from residents and their children suffering of extreme allergies caused by a mix of contaminated mold growth, pollen, and other air pollutants.

With allergy season just getting into full swing, there have been increases in reports from homeowners, residents, doctors, lawyers, along with numerous official organizations about toxic mold growth, contaminated buildings, condemned buildings, and increases in sickness from the toxic blend of contaminated mold spores mixed with numerous types of allergens and air pollutants. As the air quality is already bad enough in the City, in culmination with the hazardous air pollutants that are attaching to mold spores along with increasing allergens being released into the air, millions of people are currently at risk for being exposed to this new breed of air pollutants.

One of the biggest concerns that has been gaining a tremendous amount traction for those hit by Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath is the toxic mold hat has been cultivating on top of sewage contaminated areas. To make matters even worse, with summer just a month away, along with all of the new allergens that are being mixed in with these airborne pollutants, has ultimately been creating a very unhealthy and unsanitary situation. As mold, allergens, and another air pollutants travel when wind blows, along with considering how close properties and buildings are to each other in New York City, the potential for an increase in respiratory illnesses this spring and summer season is at an all time record high.

“Some proactive approaches a resident can take to help prevent contaminated mold from growing is to immediately disinfect any and all areas that had come in contact with Hurricane Sandy flood waters that were contaminated with raw sewage. By removing and disinfecting all contaminated materials that were water logged with contaminated water, along with properly treating, and drying all materials affected; is the only way a person can rest assured they have stopped the contaminated toxic mold from cultivating within the walls and basements of their homes. For even further piece of mind and for prevention purposes, the remaining parts of the home should be inspected and treated as well along with cleaning and disinfecting all HVAC vents”, stated a Manhattan mold inspection company.

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