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Manpoo & Manditioner by NMR Are a Line of Bold, Rugged Shampoos and Conditioners with a New Age Style and Intelligence


Boise, ID -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2016 --New Man Revolution has introduced a rugged and manly line of men's body-care products with the new-age sensibilities of intelligence and style. The company has launched Manpoo & Manditioner, a line of craft shampoos and conditioners for men and is live on Kickstarter raising funds to bring the project to life.

NMR is disrupting the way men think about life with a line of personal care products that are 100% manly but also a product and bottle that women can appreciate. All of NMR's products are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens, sulfates, and perfumes, while still maintaining a manly scent that people won't be able to get enough of.

"Men that take care of themselves are more able to go out and help others," says co-founder Ryan Bodenheimer, "We infuse this way of life into all of our products. We believe that a healthy man strengthens his community, just as a healthy woman empowers hers."

In a marketplace that seems to cater more to women, NMR stands out with a bold mission statement and a personality and character that inspires men to be in tune with their body and well-being. NMR is designed for men by men while incorporating the advice from female advisors. Manpoo is formulated with all natural, plant-based ingredients, scented with essential oils, provides an intense natural cleaning with coconut based cleanser, and includes Vitamin B5 to thicken and maintain hair.

In addition to their Manpoo line of shampoo and conditioner, NMR has also introduced a beard oil and body wash that falls in line with the brand's all natural and manly ethos. The company has already forged partnerships in their local region with two local Co-Ops grocery stores and the flagship Whole Foods in Boise.

The New Man Revolution Manpoo Line of Men's personal care products are currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About New Man Revolution
New Man Revolution makes craft men's body care products where the quality design of the outside matches the craftsmanship and purpose of the ingredients on the inside. As a company we strive to produce the absolute best natural men's body care products on the market. Our core principle is that men who take care of themselves are more able to go out and help others. We believe that a healthy man strengthens his community just as a healthy woman empowers hers. NMR represents a new definition of manliness: the perfect blend of old school ruggedness and the new age appreciation of style and intelligence.

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