Manuals Teaching Christ-Likeness in Life for the First Time Seeking Crowdfund Support

Phoenix-based men’s Christian discipleship ministry, Christ Quest Ministries, has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of its exclusive Biblical book series that finally shows the road-map to master Christ-likeness in life.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2016 --Phoenix-based men's Christian discipleship ministry, Christ Quest Ministries, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for its exclusive Biblical book series "Spiritual Seeds That Reap Christ-Likeness". For the first time ever, there will be manuals that can show how to actually be the living example of Jesus Christ.

Ken Nair, the founder of CQM, is the author of the book series.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $50,000 by October 11, 2016.

"Our college-level discipleship course Christ Quest Institute has already garnered rave reviews from all over the world with its advanced Biblical teaching – and now we are looking forward to extend the same level of exclusive knowledge experienced by our CQI students to all out there through our new book series. Our new manuals are meant to help you with the much needed accurate roadmap to master Christ-likeness in yourself so that you too can be a living Epistle of Jesus Christ. It's the first of its kind and answers all the questions you might have to live the life for Him, the way He has shown it to be. Whether you want to know about God's specific ways to deal with specific issues of life or seeking a Christ-like leadership that would end reasons for divorce- the manuals cover everything and more. But such a breakthrough project demands active collaboration and robust financial backup and hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated", stated Nair, while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

The book series are derived from CQI DVDs which are reputed to have successfully provided applicable clear answers in lives of several Christians.

Nair's book series would be published in two forms. One of them would be with a hardcover design, beautifully embossed and ready to be a treasured keepsake and esteemed heirloom for any Christian family. The second one would come in a working textbook format that would be available for students as spiral-bound textbook.

"The main aim of these books is to pose a challenge for each Christian man: whether he would be able to meet stringent opportunities to illustrate Jesus in his home & community in case he is confronted ever. The challenge revolves around 5 Spiritual Seeds, presented in a question form. The seeds are to be religiously nurtured that will further result in the desired spiritual nutrition for the reader or student."

A good host of perks are waiting for the backers. These include enlightening devotional Discovering Concepts from Nair that help to develop Christ-Likeness, the author's top-selling book "Discovering the Mind of a Woman", signed copy of the first volume (spiral bound) of the book series, DVD of CQM's upcoming Discovery Seminar and so on. Pledges reaching $500 and $1,000 would be honored with signed copy of 1st volume of the gold embossed family heirloom edition and signed copy of complete spiral bound workbook collection respectively. Further donations up to $2,500 would be exclusively rewarded with signed copy of complete Heirloom collection.

To show your support for "Spiritual Seeds That Reap Christ-Likeness", visit the campaign through this link.