Map of the Biggest Construction Companies in the World


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2017 --GenieBelt introduces their list of the biggest construction companies in the world. It includes the biggest construction company in each continent of the world.

GenieBelt, a digital project-management software for construction, have previously presented their list of biggest construction companies in Europe and in the US, and now they present it for the world. It gives a quick overview of who the dominating players are in the construction industry. For instance, the world's biggest construction company is ACS (Spanish company).

Access the map of the biggest construction companies in the world and see who is the biggest in each continent. Also, a spreadsheet has been made with additional construction companies that are major players in each continent. Here you can find information such as addresses and where to contact each of the companies.

About GenieBelt
GenieBelt is a startup company that provides real-time project management software for the construction industry, and is improving the way construction companies communicate and organise themselves.

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