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Marietta Mobility Services Offers Handicap Vans for Sale in Parkersburg and Charleston, West Virginia

For those looking for handicap vans for sale in Parkersburg and Charleston, West Virginia, Marietta Mobility Services is the right place to come to.


Marietta, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2021 --Several variables are considered while searching for a new wheelchair van because not all conversion vans are made the same. Another essential aspect to consider is how passengers who use wheelchairs will securely get in and out of the vehicle. There are two approaches: side entrance and rear entry. Marietta Mobility Services is a leading supplier of handicap vans for sale in Parkersburg and Charleston, West Virginia.

A wheelchair-accessible vehicle with a rear entrance generally has more possibilities. Depending on the vehicle, individual demands, and budget, buyers can frequently select between a manual wheelchair ramp and a power wheelchair lift. At Marietta Mobility Services, they can convert one's present minivan into a wheelchair-accessible van. Top-quality products are available in their current inventory of handicapped vans.

The rear suspension system for rear entry versions is increased, providing them more ground clearance. This allows passengers to drive over bumps, up inclines, or through thick snow more comfortably and easily.

It's easier to get into a rear-entry vehicle: drive up the ramp and use the Q'straint system to fasten the chair once inside. This eliminates the need for the maneuvering required to get in a side entry car.

The increased height clearance helps people in wheelchairs or scooters get in and out of a rear entry conversion van without lowering their heads.

There is still plenty of room for ambulatory guests in addition to accommodating several wheelchairs. The majority of rear-entry handicap vehicles can easily accommodate four to six people. To make room for the wheelchair, no chairs are required to be removed.

The rear of a wheelchair van usually has the most capacity. When that area is dedicated to the transportation of a wheelchair rider, it gives the passenger greater headroom and legroom.

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