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Marina Medical Hosts Dr. Luis Da Cruz to Present Gluteal Augmentation Techniques

Marina Medical Debuts The Triple Tool Inspired and Designed by Dr. Luis Da Cruz at the Baker Simpson Symposium


Sunrise, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2015 --Marina Medical's participation in the recent Baker Gordon Education Symposium was highlighted by the presentations of Dr. Luis Da Cruz on The Triple Tool. Dr. Da Cruz and the Marina Medical team collaborated to create The Triple Tool to facilitate control and precision in gluteal augmentation. Surgeons from around the world were able to speak with Dr. Da Cruz and learn how he uses this innovative instrument for intra-muscular and subfascial techniques. In the spirit of the Symposium's mission to educate surgeons in the nuances and refinements in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Da Cruz discussed how his gluteal augmentation techniques provide optimum outcomes when using implants.

"Our goal is to standardize the steps in order to consistently achieve the appropriate depth for implant location and the correct thickness of gluteal muscle covering the implant." said Dr. Da Cruz of this unique instrument.

The Triple Tool combines the functions of a Dissector, Retractor and Sizer in one. Its generous size range accommodates all anatomical implants. Every detail from the weight of the handles to the curves of the blades have been engineered to offer exceptional stability and control. The interlocking blades also allow surgeons to work with right or left dissection simply by inverting the position of the blades.

Dr. Luis Da Cruz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon known for his ground breaking gluteal augmentation techniques and microsurgery. He is an Associate Professor and Chair of Surgery at the Universidad Hispanoamericana in Costa Rica and Director of the Iberoamerican Institute of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

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